aka Kathryn / Roblox: bryanley

  • I live in Arizona then California
  • I was born on October 26
  • I am F
  • Bio
    Has a bird

    Creator of the SOTEF wiki (Shrubs of the Elite Forces)

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Shrubs of the Elite Forces wiki:


my fandom account icon is just a drawing of my roblox avatar. Using the same style I used to draw the shrubs found in the link above, I re-created my avatar on paper. It looks more colorful irl tho..

also please, check out our shrub wiki above

Secret Pages

Secret pages are pages that are not yet on the top navigation, or linked to a page that’s already on the navigation. Usually in order to get to them, you’d have to keep pressing “random page” (which is a pain). Luckily for you, I’ve put their links below.

I think that’s it so far. There’s two more I think, but im too lazy.

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